I rescue buildings and the people that love them.


At the heart of every business is an owner who cares deeply about the customer experience. A business owner can obsess about it 24/7.

“Will my customer be happy and able to focus on their goal?” Business owners are ALL ABOUT the customer.

So, who do they call when they’ve realized an entrepreneurial dream, buy an investment property, and want to evaluate the effectiveness of its systems?

No one, sadly. There are few, if any, consultants in the construction industry who can take on a comprehensive building assessment project.

I can. I do it all the time.

My story and how I became a building project consultant is short and sweet. I owe it mostly to failing forward, and more than once.

I started by dropping out of high school. I didn’t see the academic point…not when there were real problems to solve. I joined the military instead, completing my high school diploma by mail order. Before my discharge, I went into HVAC so I could get a job once I was a civilian, which is pretty much what happened.

I aced my coursework in the military and became a functionality devotee. Helping others solve functional, building-related issues is now my livelihood and my passion.

The short list of industries and people I serve includes:

The long list includes every type of business not on the short list!

Every building needs someone who understands what makes it happy.

That’s what I do with the Dragon team. We provide assessments and solutions for buildings and the people who love them.

Reach out to discuss our services. We can discuss any building issue, whether a new or existing problem, with a phone call, video session, or on-site visit.