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  1. Check the disconnect switch (light switch) beside the furnace if nothing is working.
  2. Is the indoor unit blowing air out of the vents? (if not, this could be a sign of freezing, or motor failure).
  3. Check your air filters to see if they’re dirty.
  4. Suggested filter replacement: Merv 8 Pleated.
  5. Have you closed any vents? (open all vents for proper air flow)
  6. Is the fan running in the outdoor unit?
  7. Check the disconnect switch on your wall (next to the outdoor unit) if the outside unit is not running at all. 
  8. Is the outside unit covered in dirt or cotton?
  9. Is there ice on the lines leading to the outside unit?
  10. If your filter is dirty and there is ice on the lines, turn your unit mode to “Off” and your fan to “On” for at least 3 hours (to defrost). After 3 hours, return to normal operation. 

HVAC Services

Dragon HVAC: HVAC Grand Junction

We at Dragon HVAC have years of experience and the proper certifications in HVAC services and systems. From diagnostics to repair to installation, we do it all. No matter the system – air conditioning, heating units, mini splits, etc. – we have the know-how.

We service Grand Junction and the entire Western Slope of Colorado.

Quality Services At A Fair Price

We provide quality services with affordable pricing. Call our office today at 970-858-4775 for a free estimate.

Expert HVAC Services in Grand Junction, CO

We are one of the most qualified HVAC contractors in Grand Junction, CO. Residential or commercial, trust us with your HVAC needs. We’re all about timely, professional, and courteous service. That’s why we run background checks, drug tests, and motor vehicle checks for all of our employees. 

Your comfort and safety are our business. We understand that Colorado’s climate can quickly change, and we want your home and business to be prepared for all seasons.

Read below for an overview of each of our HVAC services.

Commercial HVAC


Our goal is to be the only commercial HVAC contractor you'll ever need to call.

HVAC Repairs

HVAC Repair

Repairing is often less expensive than replacing.

Residential HVAC



HVAC maintenance Grand Junction co



We offer an array of HVAC specialized services in:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a heating or cooling system, let us assist you: we do it all. Contact us with any questions, or to schedule an estimate. You can also call us at 970-858-4775!

Learn more about our Services.

Responsive Services for Your Comfort and Safety

Your comfort and safety matter to us, which is why we are responsive in our HVAC services and repairs. If you’re experiencing an HVAC emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We do our best to accommodate your needs for each season, particularly during stressful times.


We provide HVAC maintenance for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. Quarterly and semi-annual maintenance extend the life of your equipment, often save money on repairs, and improve your comfort. 

HVAC Repairs

We provide HVAC repairs for both residential and commercial HVAC, and for all systems. It’s always to better to have things checked out sooner rather than later, so schedule an appointment.

All Major Makes and Models

Need to have your heating or cooling system inspected, repaired, or replaced? We work with all major makes and models, including all makes and models of swamp coolers.

Residential HVAC Repairs

Your home should always be a calming oasis or cozy den depending on the season. Don’t sweat through summer or shiver through another winter due to a poorly operating or defunct HVAC system. We believe your home should have a comforting environment always, rather than seasonally. A properly performing HVAC system accomplishes just that. Old or new, Dragon HVAC knows how to repair and install all residential HVAC systems. Learn more about our residential HVAC services.

Commercial HVAC Repairs

No matter how complex or how small an HVAC system is, Dragon HVAC can repair, replace, and install any commercial HVAC system. There’s no need to suffer through a Grand Junction summer at your office due to a poorly performing AC system. Call us at 970-858-4775 and we will have you cool and comfortable in no time.

Air Conditioning

ACs, or refrigerated air conditioning systems, excel at reducing indoor temperatures by removing hot air and replacing it with conditioned, cooler air – hence the term air conditioning. However, problems with the refrigerant, moving parts, and faulty power supply can negatively impact an AC unit’s operation and create a fire risk. Reach out to us today at 970-858-4775 if your AC needs diagnostics, repairs, replacement, or installation or visit our contact page.

Commercial Refrigeration

ACs, or refrigerated air conditioning systems, excel at reducing indoor temperatures by removing hot air and replacing it with conditioned, cooler air – hence the term air conditioning. However, problems with the refrigerant, moving parts, and faulty power supply can negatively impact an AC unit’s operation and create a fire risk. Reach out to us today at 970-858-4775 if your AC needs diagnostics, repairs, replacement, or installation or visit our contact page.


Need help with your furnace or heat pump? We have expertise in fixing and installing heating systems, so you can stay cozy – and stay safe. Improperly used and poorly functioning heating systems pose potential fire hazards. Don’t wait till the unthinkable happens; reach out to us today at 970-858-4775.

Mini Splits

If you’re looking to control the environment within one room or individual spaces, mini splits are your answer. Small, energy efficient, and ductless, mini splits are an economical choice for climate control in specific spaces.

Air Cleaners and Steam Humidifiers: Better Air for Your Health

Do you suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies? We are proud to provide air cleaners and steam humidifiers, solutions that greatly improve indoor air quality, leading to improved breathing. Besides exacerbating breathing issues, poor indoor air quality can also cause headaches, cold like symptoms, sleep problems, and numerous other issues. Enhance your living and workspace – and your overall health – with purified, clean air. Contact us today on our website, or call us at 970-858-4775.

Your Trusted Source

We have 15 years of experience with all HVAC systems and services. We offer comprehensive heating and cooling system repairs, maintenance, parts, and installation.

Responsive and Dependable

We strongly believe in timely and responsive HVAC services. There’s no reason you should suffer from heat or cold within your own home. Besides restoring comfort to your space, we are timely in our service calls so as to ensure your safety. If your residence or business needs HVAC services or repairs, please contact us. We are more than happy to get your AC, mini splits, etc. up and running properly.

Trust, Respect, Community, and Education

At Dragon HVAC, we do more than just fix and install HVAC systems. We strive to always earn your trust and respect. We get the job done timely, and done right the first time. We love our Grand Junction and Western Slope community: kind people, strong work ethic, beautiful surroundings. It is an honor to serve you by always providing top notch service, while sharing our knowledge with clients.

Ensuring Comfort

We mean it when we say your comfort is our business. We strongly believe properly functioning heating and cooling systems are key to success. After all, a comfortable environment due to a controlled climate is far more conducive to productivity and wellbeing, than say, a sweltering or freezing dwelling.

Years of Expertise

Dragon HVAC was established in 2006, but our experience in HVAC services and repairs extends well beyond that. President and founder Ken Tweedy has been in the HVAC business for three decades, having received HVAC training while in the army, and also having worked in several different states to further learn the industry. Combining his knowledge with a friendly and experienced team, Dragon HVAC consistently delivers quality service and solutions. Learn more about us.

Professional Service with a Smile

With any job, large or small, we complete all tasks in a professional manner, and with enthusiasm. We love what we do, and get the job done right. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Educating Customers

We do more than just fix and install HVAC systems. We aim to educate and enlighten our customers about their HVAC systems. We want people to know how a unit works, proper maintenance, common problems, etc. We strongly feel that by sharing our knowledge, our customers can better utilize and maintain their HVAC systems, leading to greater savings. Better understanding of HVAC systems also leads to greater amounts of safety: you’ll know when to call before major operative and safety issues arise.




We aren’t the only HVAC contractor in Grand Junction, CO, but we are one of the most qualified. Dragon Heating & A/C is:

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There’s no HVAC project we can’t complete. We offer:

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Curious as to what HVAC systems we’ve handled and what projects we take on? View our gallery for a glimpse of what we do.

Fair Pricing

Dragon HVAC is proud to offer fair pricing that does not at all compromise or sacrifice quality work and customer service. Reach out to us today for a free estimate, at 970-858-4775.


In addition to being 5 Star rated on Google, our customers’ reviews speak for themselves. Learn why Dragon HVAC is your go to, one stop source for all things HVAC.

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