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Dragon HVAC has years of experience and in-depth knowledge when it comes to residential HVAC services and repairs. Your comfort and safety are our business. Call us to restore comfort to your home and to ensure that your cooling and heating systems are operating safely and efficiently.

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Residential HVAC Services

We do it all: diagnostics, repairs, installation, and more. We are here to ensure your home has a comfortable environment year-round. Our residential HVAC services include:

Air Conditioning

Don’t sweat through another Grand Junction summer. Living in an uncooled environment is not only uncomfortable, but can be dangerous, with increased risk for heat sickness and heat stroke. Air conditioning, also known as refrigerated air systems, are especially great at reducing temperatures within your home. Air conditioners remove heat from a home, and condition air via a refrigerant, providing cooler and drier air. We know everything there is to know about air conditioning, so contact us if you’re in need of air conditioning services, or call our office at 970-858-4775.

Heating Services

Your home should be warm in the winter. No matter the heating system – furnace, ductless mini splits, etc. – we can properly service, repair, replace, and install heating systems. If you ever encounter any problems with your heating system, please contact us – malfunctioning heating systems pose a fire risk. With our responsive services, we’ll address the issue so your home can be cozy and safe again.

Mini Splits

Mini splits are smaller heating and cooling systems, great for temperature control within individual rooms or small spaces. If your residence lacks central heating and cooling, mini splits are a great solution. Contact us for mini splits installation and repairs at 970-858-4775.

HVAC Installation

We have the expertise to properly install refrigerated cooling systems (AC), heating systems, and mini splits. To determine the best location for installing an HVAC system, we always take into consideration the type of HVAC system being installed, and the structure and layout of your home, to guarantee the best cooling and heating results.

HVAC Replacement

Is your HVAC system no longer working? We provide HVAC replacement. There’s no reason to suffer through the summer heat or winter cold waiting for HVAC replacement, so reach out to us today at 970-858-4775.

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance ensures that cooling and heating systems run not only efficiently, but safely. If you notice your HVAC system is failing to heat or cool properly, give us a call. Our certified technicians will perform a maintenance check and make any necessary repairs.

HVAC Repair

We repair all major makes and models, so the next time your HVAC unit acts up, don’t hesitate to contact us for responsive repairs at 970-858-4775.

HVAC Parts Replacement

At times, you may assume your HVAC system requires major repairs or even replacement, when all your cooling or heating system really needs is a replacement part. At Dragon HVAC, we carry HVAC parts and accessories so your cooling and heating system functions optimally.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air quality – or lack of – can impact your health. Indoor air contains far more pollutants and irritants than outdoor air, so if you’ve been suffering allergy or cold like symptoms, your indoor air quality may be the culprit. We offer air cleaners that remove air borne contaminants, so you can breathe easier.


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Outdoor AC Unit


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Residential HVAC FAQs

How often do I need to replace my HVAC air filters?

HVAC filters should be changed every 1-3 months, depending on usage. Staying consistent with replacing filters ensures HVAC efficiency and improved air quality in your home.

How important is indoor air quality?

More important than you may have ever thought. Indoor air can be up to 100 times worse than outdoor air. When air is in a contained environment, there is little air circulation, so pollutants accumulate. Dust, pollen, mold spores, etc. in your home’s air affect you and your family’s health. So, if you suffer from allergy or cold like symptoms, your indoor air quality may be to blame. Have your HVAC systems checked to see if they’re running as they should, and consider using an air cleaner to remove air borne pollutants. Click here to view our HVAC product accessories.

What does ductless mean?

Ducts are passages used for heating and cooling. For example, those networks of metal conduits you see on the ceilings of retail buildings are ducts. But not all HVAC systems operate on ducts. The term ductless refers to a heating or cooling system that does not use ducts, such as a ductless mini split. So instead of a network of ducts delivering air circulation and temperature control, ductless systems are wall mounted outside a dwelling, with the air circulated directly into a building.