Integrate your hvac systems

Dragon HVAC features the cutting edge of integrative systems technology.

About Our Client Portal

As an added value to our clients, we offer a browser-based tool that allows you a secure and easy way to review the entirety of your HVAC systems project in real-time. This system makes it simple and easy for you to view what’s happening at your property, and to connect with us if there are any issues that need work. 

After using our online, integrated software for managing your HVAC systems, you’ll never want to go without it for your commercial property ever again. 


  • Track All of Your HVAC Projects
  • Access HVAC Systems Information. Always in Real-Time
  • Customize the Data and Analytics You Want to See from 35+ Reporting Options
  • Easy to Search and Sort Information. Visual Data Available for all HVAC Systems
  • Securely Store Service History
  • Print & Export Data
  • User Training Provided

Synced with Dragon Heating & AC

Our integrated software also makes it easier than ever for us to keep on the same page with you about your project. Whatever you can see on your HVAC systems, we can as well. Whenever you leave notes, we see them, and can communicate back with you in real-time. 

  • Create & Manage Work Requests
  • Streamline Quotes & Approval Processes
  • Create Service Requests
  • Accept / Decline Quotes
  • Manage Existing & Closed Work Orders. View Where Money is Spent
  • View Equipment History and Maintenance Work Performed