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If you’re looking for solutions for your business’s HVAC systems, look no further than Dragon HVAC. With years of experience, we provide responsive services for all commercial HVAC systems. Ensure the comfort and operations of your business or workplace by contacting Dragon HVAC at 970-858-4775 today!

If you have a construction project and need an HVAC system installed, Dragon HVAC has the experience and professionalism of working with construction companies. Check out our online gallery of commercial HVAC work.

We provide diagnostics, repairs, replacements, and installations for all commercial HVAC systems. We work with all major makes and models.

Responsive HVAC Services

At Dragon HVAC we provide responsive services to not only make your workplace comfortable again, but also to ensure your safety. Poorly operating or unmaintained heating and cooling systems can pose a fire risk, so call us at 970-858-4775 if you have any concerns.

Commercial Refrigeration Projects

Your commercial refrigeration is the heart of your business. If you own a restaurant of business that requires commercial refrigeration, we have in depth product, service, and installation knowledge.​

HVAC Repairs

Commercial HVAC systems can vary drastically from residential heating and cooling systems in size, scope, accessibility, and more. Commercial HVAC repairs are best left to the professionals, to not only ensure proper HVAC maintenance and operation, but also to ensure safety. Improperly functioning equipment always provides some degree of risk. ​

HVAC Installation

We provide installation of all types of commercial HVAC systems, from complex residential rooftop units, VRF systems, to single-splits, multi-splits, and more.​

Residential rooftop package unit.


Maintenance is crucial to any HVAC system, regardless of the type or size. While we believe it’s important for home and property owners to know some basic HVAC maintenance, commercial HVAC maintenance is best left to the professionals. Commercial heating and cooling systems differ from residential HVAC units in size and power, and can be difficult or dangerous to access (such as multiple rooftop units). Dragon HVAC is happy to provide commercial HVAC maintenance to keep your business comfortable and safe. Call us today at 970-858-4775.​


Having difficulty operating your commercial HVAC system? At Dragon HVAC we offer troubleshooting to find and resolve issues so you don’t have to.​

Air Conditioning

AC is especially great at removing heat within a building as it replaces the heat with cooler and drier air. We offer both single-split and multi-split systems.

Single-split systems are affordable, compact, and efficient. They’re especially great for smaller businesses such as coffee shops as they provide targeted air conditioning. We also offer multi-split systems, which are ideal for larger buildings with multiple rooms, as several units are linked to the outdoor unit. When it comes to installation or recommending an HVAC system, we consider factors such building type, room utilization, aesthetics, budget, geographical constraints, etc. to provide optimal commercial HVAC performance.


We service all commercial heating types: central forced air, radiant heating, and more. From working on heating systems in large warehouses to those in small buildings, we ensure that you, your staff, and your customers stay cozy. Whether for a new construction project or existing business, we offer commercial heating installation, as well as maintenance and repairs.

HVAC Product Accessories

Want to improve the environment at your business? One way to do so is by installing an air cleaner, which we are proud to carry. Air cleaners do just what their name implies: they clean indoor air by removing particles, such as dust. We also offer steam humidifiers, thermostats, zoning systems, and energy recovery. To learn more about our selection of HVAC product accessories, click here.

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Restore comfort and safety at your business by contacting us today! Call us at 970-858-4775, or contact us on our website.

Commercial HVAC FAQs

How often do I need to check air filters?

Ideally, air filters should be checked once a month and be changed when they are dirty. Changing air filters not only ensures cleaner indoor air that will not exacerbate allergies, but also ensures HVAC efficiency. When air filters are dirty and clogged, an HVAC system will not run optimally.

How long do commercial HVAC systems last?

It depends on the type of system, how often it is used, and other factors. But, typically well-maintained commercial HVAC systems should last around 10-15 years.

How often should commercial HVAC systems receive maintenance?

Ideally, cooling systems should receive preventative maintenance in the spring, with heating systems receiving preventative maintenance in the fall.

Does the size of a commercial HVAC system matter?

Yes, the size of a commercial HVAC system is important relative to the size of the building. If an HVAC system is too small, a building will not be adequately heated or cooled. On the other hand, if an HVAC system is too big, it may have trouble lowering moisture levels in the air, resulting in a muggy environment. At Dragon HVAC, we consider building size and other factors to determine the best commercial HVAC size and system for your needs.